Monday, July 18, 2011


NEXT GAME: Sun July 24
LOCATION: Topaz Park

Good heavens! I just had the fun of searching 'water fight' in google images. I hope those young ladies brought a change of clothes. Aaaaaanyway...

Don't let the grey skies and substandard temperatures fool you: it *is* actually summer (technically speaking). By that logic it's time for a water fight!!

The rules are the same as regular Manhunt but to catch someone you need to shoot them with water (we'll use the "size of a quarter" rule). You must bring your own water gun, but there are taps at the park for refills. Extra guns will NOT be available so please don't come empty handed.

What gun you bring is up to you: Do you go big, powerful, and slow, or small, fast, and piddly? Do you go for water balloons instead? Our only request is that you don't bring anything that looks like a real gun (we have enough trouble with the police as it is... sneaking around with a Glock replica will bring nothing but tears).

Meet by the parking lot at the north side of Topaz Park at 4:00pm on 24 July. You may want to bring extra clothes for going out afterwards.
The map (area MHV 20)

If this is your first game please bring a completed waiver or permission form (NO FORM NO PLAY!):

As always: Spread the word and bring your friends! If you've never attended a game before, now's your chance to meet some friendly folks.

Hope to see you there!
- Eric

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