Monday, July 11, 2011

ManHunt 110

NEXT GAME: Wed July 13 @ 7pm
LOCATION: Selkirk Waterfront/Gorge Rowing Club

Has it been so long? This is one of our favourite locales and we haven't been here since February when the cops were called because we looked too sketchy. Ahem.

Let's see if we can recreate the magic this Wednesday, 13 July. You know the drill: Meet at the north side of the trestle bridge at 7:00pm.
MAP LINK -- Area MHV 18

If this is your first time: welcome! Don't forget your to bring your completed paperwork (no form, no play! READ IT!)

Please remember to dress for running. We'll be going for drinks afterwards (19+... sorry) if you want to bring a change of clothes (we'll have a car to stash stuff in). Any questions? Contact us at [ manhuntvictoria at gmail dot com ]

(Please note: Parrots and eye patches are strongly encouraged.)

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