Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MH #109: ManHunt's Going on a Summer Holiday

"No more working for a day or two..."*
Well, for some of us anyway. Regardless of what your holiday weekend is shaping up like, come out and celebrate sun, summer and good ol'-fashioned Canadian fun with a manic game of tag/hide and seek!

We're meeting at the Central washrooms in Beacon Hill Park (near Bridge Way and Chestnut Row) @ 4PM SHARP.

MAP (MHV 13: exact scope to be decided based on turnout).

NEWCOMERS! If it's your first game please be sure to bring the appropriate paperwork (no form, no play! READ IT!)...

Waiver (Adults 19+)

Permission Form (Minors 18-)

Queries? Concerns? Compliments? Drop us a line at manhuntvictoria[at]gmail.com

Drinks afterwards--always! Suggestions for location are eagerly welcomed, as are any friends you'd like to bring along--spread the good word of ManHunt far and wide, my friends!

See you there!
~Your Intrepid ManHunt Admins

*That's right: it's Cliff Richard. You got a problem with that?

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