Monday, June 13, 2011

MHV #108: Macaulay Hunt

NEXT GAME: Wed June 22nd @ 7pm
LOCATION: Macaulay Point Park, Esquimalt

Thanks to everyone that came out for paintball to help us celebrate our three year anniversary. Let's do it again towards the end of the summer, yes?

This time around we'll visit Macaulay Point Park and enjoy one of the longest days of the year. Check out the map here (MHV15):

Meet us in the parking lot off Munro St at 7:00 sharp. We'll be moving into the playing area after that so if you're late come find us.

This area is *very* hazardous. It's covered in thorn bushes, loose rocks, and steep drops. Please be sure to wear good shoes, clothes you don't mind getting dirty, and a good pair of gloves.

If it's your first game be sure to bring the appropriate paperwork (no form, no play! READ IT!)...
Waiver (Adults 19+)
Permission Form (Minors 18-)

Drinks afterwards? Of course! Bring your friends... spread the word!

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