Sunday, July 24, 2011

MHV 112

NEXT GAME: Wed Aug 3 @ 7pm
LOCATION: Greater Victoria Public Library

Yep, water-gun ManHunt was more fun than a barrel of sopping wet monkeys, and we should do another one real soon... but, walking back from the bar tonight after sundown, it occured to me that an evening game probably isn't a smart idea. Cold night air + cold water + wet clothing = pneumonia, or at least general unpleasantness. So let's go back to regular old tag-style ManHunt for this one; to paraphrase the late Johnny Cash, "don't take your waterguns to town."

We haven't played at the library in ages, so meet us in the courtyard (off Broughton/Blanshard) at 7pm sharp. Check the map link below:
GAME MAP - area MHV 09

NEWCOMERS! If it's your first game, be sure to bring the appropriate paperwork. (No form, no play, READ IT!!!)

Drinks to follow, naturally. Please direct all questions, comments, love letters, hate mail, etc. to:
[ manhuntvictoria at gmail dot com ]

Spread the good word & prepare thyselves for fun.
: MHV Central Command

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