Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sakes alive, it's Hunt 95!

NEXT GAME: Wed Jan 19th @ 7pm
LOCATION: Crystal Pool & Central Park

Scary as it might be, it's true; we're only 5 games away from the big 100! That's 95 days & nights of running, hiding, hunting, drinking and bonding. Group hug!

We're going back to an old favourite for this round: Crystal Pool. Check out area MHV 11 on the following MAP LINK.

Meet us at the basketball court (Quadra/Pembroke) @ 7pm SHARP! It is very, very important that you show up on time for the game, as we have to explain the rules and ALL PLAYERS have to sign-in.


All ManHunt participants MUST complete a liability waiver before playing the game. This new process involves two stages...

You'll need to print this form at home, fill it out and submit it to us before the game. You'll only need to do this ONCE, as it will go into our permanent file. There are two versions -- one for adults, and one for minors (to be signed by a parent or legal guardian). Here are the files -- you should be able to print directly from these links, but if you have any problems, let us know and we'd be happy to help out.
* MINORS (players under age 19)

We'll provide this document, which must be filled out by every player at each and every game. It's basically a bare-bones version of the waiver/permission form that'll go in your permanent file. You'll just need to print & sign your name -- no need to fill in date of birth, address, etc., so it should make the whole process much, MUCH faster.

Sorry folks, but there it is. We've made some changes and improvements, and hopefully helped to streamline the process -- thanks for being so great through the transition!

Questions? Concerns? Compliments? Please feel free to send them all to us at [ ]

See you soon!
~ Your Fearless Leaders

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Bose said...

Enjoyed every bit here, have a look at General Liability Waiver Form..