Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolution: Manhunt - 9 January, 4pm, Central Library

Twenty eleven: The year you finally drop those extra pounds, read more, and make new friends. Right. Before you convince yourself that resolutions are largely symbolic and shouldn't be taken seriously, come out to Manhunt and get to know the best excuse in town for playing tag in public.

To usher in the New Year we'll meet in the courtyard of the central library, 735 Broughton Street, where you can get your books, meet friends, and exercise all in one fell swoop.

Meet at 4:00pm and don't be late: We'll need everyone to read and sign the waiver before we start. Also, any players under 19 will have to bring a signed Permission Form. Sadly, under-age players without a permission form will not be able to play. Print off the form here:
(If there is a legitimate reason you can't get the form signed in time, send us a message and we'll see if we can help).

For players that want to read the waiver ahead of time, it's here:

The Map:,-123.363671&spn=0.00162,0.005284&z=18

As usual tell everyone you know and help us start the new year off right. We had lots of small turnouts over the holidays (what, you mean you had *better* things to do than play Manhunt?!?) and we'd love to have the full crew out this Sunday. Drinks to follow, of course.

See you there!

Your Fearless Leaders

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