Friday, August 21, 2009

Something like a newsletter

Dear Manhunt,

Have I told you lately that you're my favourite group of 854 people in the whole world? Well, it's true.

You're probably wondering why there isn't a game posted, even if you're one of the seven hundred members that have never come to a game (we call you the Silent 700, if that makes it sting a little less). We're getting on it, I promise. We've been renovating the Manhunt office and Cathy in accounting has had terrible allergies so we're on a wee hiatus.

We have, however, been given a whole bag of brand new, hand-sewn armbands! I know you may have been pretty attached to the dirt-and-blood-stained strips we've had so far, but these Brand New bands are so amazing they'll actually make you run faster. Big thanks to Kayt for the nocturnal needling.

I'm writing mostly to spread the word about a couple of great community-centred groups here in town. We don't usually use 'The List' (and its almost supernatural powers) to advertise, but we're always on the lookout for great ideas.

Please take a second to check these out:

"Pedal to Petal is a pedal powered carbon neutral home compost pick up service that runs in Victoria. Its $5.00 a pickup, and we sell you a 5 gallon bucket for $3.00 to keep your compostables in. Pickups can be scheduled weekly, fortnightly, monthly. We are pretty flexible.

For more information contact;;

or ring 250 383 5144 box 1116

Please spread the word and make us bloom!"

And secondly there's a group bike ride this weekend which is part of a larger bike festival put on by Velo Victoria. If you've never had the pleasure of riding in a large group of cyclists, now's the time! Bike posse's rule (totally). Check out a huge lineup of activities here:

and the facebook group:

If you're still reading, I'd also like to put the idea out there of creating a sort of 'information commons' to house all these events, groups, and causes in one location. If this project appeals to you please send me a personal message. I'd like to have a brainstorm session in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see y'all at the next 'Hunt.

Love and chain rings,



Emma said...

What are exactly you talking about? I don't understand. I am getting confused because of it.

Gregory said...

You guys rock. I really enjoy your post. It gives me new inspiration with my group.

Tom said...

Can you give me conclusion about what you are talking about at your post? I swear that I don’t understand about it. Is it related to the game or others? Give me some clue.