Sunday, August 2, 2009

Macaulay Point ManHunt

NEXT GAME: Wednesday, August 5th @ 7pm
LOCATION: Macaulay Point Park (Clifton Terrace, off Munro St)

It was suggested quite some time ago that Macaulay Point had some serious, bad-ass ManHunt potential. Having now seen it with our own four eyes, we're convinced.

Meet at the main entrance to the park (on Clifton Terrace) at 7pm sharp to hear the rules & get your armbands. Game 1 at 7:15pm, game 2 at 8pm. Drinks afterwards? Sure, probably, somewhere. We don't get out to Esquimalt much -- if you have suggestions, make them known.

A few things we should mention:

- The location is in Esquimalt, about 5km from the downtown core, so transportation might be an issue for some people. Suggestions: bike? carpool? bus?

- Although Google Maps shows that Clifton Terrace and Vaughan St. intersect... they don't. Not really. The best way to the meeting point is to turn south onto Clifton from Munro St.

- The terrain is ROUGH. Steep uphill bits, thick brush, gritty concrete... you might want to consider sturdy shoes, hats, long sleeves, gloves, etc. to prevent injuries and such.

- The area of the park is significantly smaller than many of the locations we've been using lately. At most, we'll be able to accommodate 25-30 players. PLEASE DO NOT CONFIRM YOUR ATTENDANCE TO THIS EVENT UNLESS YOU REALLY, TRULY, ACTUALLY INTEND TO BE THERE. Our estimated turnout needs to be as precise as possible in order for us to make this work. If you do plan to attend, please email us at [manhuntvictoria at gmail dot com]

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