Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Super Soaker Topaz(matazz) Hunt!

How long has it been since YOU ran around like crazy carrying a watergun? Ten years? Five? One? The answer is: TOO LONG, TOO LONG I SAY.

That's why our next hunt will be a super soaker game - all the same rules as normal, but with the added challenge of using waterguns to tag each other. It's fun! It's terrifying! You can skip your morning shower!

This Sunday, at 4PM SHARP we're meeting up at Topaz Park, near the bleachers on the Finlayson side. Where's this, you say? Right here: (MHV 20): https://maps.google.ca/maps/ms?msid=202986863333641563410.000462475f2cf0b861659&msa=0&ll=48.445002%2C-123.361487&spn=0.008981%2C0.016758&iwloc=lyrftr%3Amsid%3A202986863333641563410.000462475f2cf0b861659%2C00048a841fe298a67042f%2C48.445714%2C-123.363504%2C0%2C-32

NEWCOMERS! If it's your first game please be sure to bring the appropriate paperwork (no form, no play! READ IT!)...
Waiver (Adults 19+):
Permission Form (Minors 18-):

Game is ON rain or shine, but I guess if it's cold then we'll leave the guns at home. Beers, or otherwise age-appropriate beverages somewhere, after.

Comments? Questions? Compliments? Send them all our way at manhuntvictoria[at]gmail.com.  

FB Friendz? https://www.facebook.com/events/321778991237095/

~ MH Admins

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

St. Petersburg Hunt!

Here at ManHunt HQ we're just nuts about history, and a recent browse through the archives reveals that on this day in 1703, Tsar Peter the Great officially founded the city of St. Petersburg. To that end, we shall hunt in his honor, in the city's honor, and for the glory of Russia! *cue patriotic music, likely by Tchaikovsky*
We'll be meeting at 4pm SHARP by the Beacon Hill Cricket Pitch (Bridge Way, near Heywood Way). Look for people wearing armbands, looking expectant, and getting strange glances from the cricketers.
The Map (MHV 012)
Drinkables and eatables after? But of course!

NEWCOMERS! We want you [bring your friends]!  We warmly welcome friends, family members, and total strangers, but would remind you that if it's your first game you do need to bring the appropriate paperwork (no form, no play, sorry to say)...
Waiver (Adults 19+)
Permission Form (Minors 18-)

Comments? Questions? Compliments? Send them all our way at manhuntvictoria[at]gmail.com

Happy hunting!
                        ~Your Intrepid ManHunt Admins

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thriller Hunt! Wednesday, 30 Nov. 7:00PM

On this day in 1982, Micheal Jackson's Thriller was released. It went on to sell 110 million copies and remains the best-selling album of all-time. For those of you who think that's ancient history, you can watch it here.

You may also want to check this out.

Aaaanyway, meet us at the front doors of Vic High in Fernwood on Wednesday to continue with your Zombie Apocalypse training. Be there at 7:00 sharp! (especially if you're new).

The Map

If you're new, you'll need to bring some paperwork:
[ ADULTS 19+ ]
[ MINORS 18- ]

Sorry this posting is so late... We hope you can still make it! Bring your friends!

Oh, and this event is rain or shine (zombies wait for no sissies).


Monday, November 14, 2011

Movember ManHunt!

NEXT GAME: Sunday November 20th @ 3pm
LOCATION: Christ Church Cathedral (Quadra/Courtney)

It's the MO'st wonderful time of the year! Come show off your Movember moustaches (ladies -- why not wear a fake one?) as the 'Hunt returns to one of our favourite downtown locations.

Meet up outside the front steps of Christ Church Cathedral (Quadra & Courtney) at 3pm SHARP! Click the map link below to see the boundaries...

Newcomers: you'll need to bring a waiver (19+) or a permission form (18-) in order to play. Click the links below to access & print the documents:
[ ADULTS 19+ ]
[ MINORS 18- ]

Questions, comments & the like can be sent to the organizers at...
[ manhuntvictoria at gmail dot com ]

~ MHV ~

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sagan Hunt! ~ Wed. Nov 9 @ 7PM

We've had a nice break after our Halloween spectacular and are ready to get back to the hunt.

Come out to celebrate the 77th birthday of that giant of giants, Carl Sagan. We'll meet at the Bell Tower outside the museum at Belleville & Government at 7:00pm SHARP on Wednesday, November 9. This is one of our best playing areas and the game will be on rain or shine, so dress appropriately (no whining!)
GAME MAP (area MHV 02)

Are you new? You'll need to bring a waiver (19+) or a permission form (18-) in order to play. You can find them here:
[ ADULTS 19+ ]
[ MINORS 18- ]

If you have any questions, send them over to:
[ manhuntvictoria at gmail dot com ]

Remember, if you want to make a game of Manhunt from scratch, you must first invent the universe. This event will not be autotuned.
~ MHV ~

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Yes, friends, the new tobu ginsu. Wa-hoo! It dices, it slices, and it makes French fries and three different ways...

Here at Manhunt Central we take Halloween very seriously. Two games in one week! Come on out for one of the best games of the year. Hot on the tails of the scare-me-to-Toledo Zombiehunt, IT'S NINJA HUNT!

It's just like regular Manhunt except for one thing: Everyone *MUST* come dressed head-to-toe in black. Also, bring an extra black T-shirt to make an ultra-fancy, don't-screw-with-me-I'm-a-ninja mask! (Check it out here)

Meet at the central bathrooms (by the playground) in Beacon Hill Park on Wednesday, 26 October at 7:00pm SHARP (no, it's not that place they used in The Grapes of Wrath).

Hey dome-head, are you new? In order to participate YOU MUST bring a signed waiver/permission form and come on time to register:
[ ADULTS 19+ ]
[ MINORS 18- ]

Tell your friends! Bring your enemies! There's really nothing like it. It's bodacious! Gnarly! Tubular!

Drinks (and maybe pizza) to follow, so you may consider bringing a new shell to slip in to.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011


LOCATION: University of Victoria
DATE & TIME: Sunday October 23 @ 3pm

Hey crew... it's that time of year again!


I'll say that again, just in case you didn't hear me the first time. EVERYONE ATTENDING THIS GAME MUST BRING THEIR OWN TUBE OF WASHABLE FAKE BLOOD!!! Check out Value Village, dollar stores, costume shops... they'll probably have water-based fake blood that won't stain your clothing. I've used it before on denim jeans, polyester and cotton, and I can guarantee it'll be safe to use on any of those. A tube will probably cost about $2-$3.

The game works like this: as usual, we start with our rock-paper-scissors round to determine who will be IT. If you're chosen as IT, you must "zombify" yourself by smearing fake blood all over your face, clothes, etc. In order to tag another player, as always, you must physically tag them... and once tagged, that person will also smear their own fake blood on themselves so that they'll be marked as a zombie too. When tagged, feel free to tear your clothes to shreds, rip your jeans, etc., if you wanna go for a more intense zombie look.

Please DO NOT smear blood on or tear or otherwise ruin other people's clothing -- just your own. Also, if you wanna get *really* bloody, go ahead and bring as many tubes of fake blood as you like. Finally, although it isn't 100% mandatory, we'd ask that you please wear AT LEAST one item of clothing that the red blood will show up against -- wearing all black probably isn't a great idea.

We'll be playing at UVic -- the boundary is the ring road. Meet us by the fountain outside McPherson Library at 3pm SHARP!
Game map, area MHV 19

** NEW PLAYERS ** In order to participate YOU MUST bring a signed waiver/permission form. Click the links below to access & print the documents:
[ ADULTS 19+ ]
[ MINORS 18- ]

Drinks after? Of course... maybe on campus, or maybe later on downtown if people want to go home & change clothing first. We'll figure something out. As always, please address any concerns, compliments, questions or queries to:

See you there, all smiley & bloody...