Thursday, October 6, 2011


NEXT GAME: Wed Oct 12th @ 7pm
LOCATION: Bastion Square (off Government/View)

On October 12th, 1216AD, King John of England lost the Crown Jewels in the River Wash, from whence they were never recovered. In commemoration of that tragic event, we are gathering--ah, forget it. We can't lie to you guys! Though according to "conventional" history books the jewels were lost forever, there is a legend that has persisted to the present day that the jewels were found and passed down through the generations, un...til smuggled out to a Royalist stronghold somewhere in the Colonies... and where better than the Britishest non-British city in the world? Here at ManHunt HQ, we've have done some serious research and we think we've narrowed down the location of these historic treasures...

We will be meeting at 7PM SHARP in Bastion Square, just off Government Street, and playing area MHV 04.

**NEW PLAYERS READ THIS** In order to participate YOU MUST bring a signed waiver/permission form. Click the links below to access & print the documents:
[ ADULTS 19+ ]
[ MINORS 18- ]

As always there will be post-game drinks (whoever finds the jewels buys the house a round), and as always, please address any concerns, compliments, questions or queries to:
manhuntvictoria [at] gmail [dot] com

Until the 12th, noble fellows, we salute you!
~The Right-Royal Treasure-Hunting MH Admins

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