Monday, April 18, 2011

Jean-Claude Van Manhunt

NEXT GAME: Sunday April 24th @ 4pm
LOCATION: Vic West Elementary

Yup, that's Jean-Claude Van Damme in a bunny suit. You're welcome. I bet you were all waiting for my characteristic Jesus joke picture... well guess again! (Though I admit it would have been a fitting time to run a Zombie game).

Anyhoo, it's time to play again and I hope you can all make it. This is a really special game for me because my sister and nephew are coming all the way from Ontario to visit. Let's do it up right!

We're also going to play a brand new area in Vic West and it looks like it'll be pretty fab. Check out the map (area MHV 25):

Please meet in front of the school @ 4:00pm SHARP! The game is ON rain or shine but if there's a huge storm check back here for the final call.

If it's your first game be sure to bring the appropriate paperwork (no form, no play! READ IT!):
Waiver (Adults 19+)
Permission Form (Minors 18-)

That's it, that's all. Tell your friends and spread the word. If you've never come out before, now's the time! We're friendly as heck and always go out for a drink after the game to get to know everyone.

Happy (egg) hunting,
Le Crew.

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