Thursday, February 10, 2011

ManHunt 98.....

NEXT GAME: Sun Feb 20th @ 4pm
LOCATION: Topaz Park (meet at north end, by soccer pitch off Finlayson)

Remember when there was no internet? Remember when it all began? Remember when you were kids and the best thing to do on a Sunday afternoon was to get all your friends together for a game of tag in the park?

Don't get nostalgic! Come play ManHunt! The next game takes place at an old new favourite, Topaz Park. Meet at the north end, by the soccer pitch off Finlayson. Link to the map below (MHV 20):
TOPAZ PARK game map

Seriously though, get your friends together and play some tag! The more is always the merrier! All we ask is that you arrive on time so we can explain the rules to newcomers and get through our (completely necessary - keep reading) paperwork...

If you haven't completed your waiver form you will have to fill one out at the beginning of the game. If you can bring the form already completed, that's even better, but we'll have extras in case you don't get to a printer in time.

You can find the form for players 19 and over here:

... and for players under 19 the permission form is here:

After the game, those of us who are legally allowed to (a.k.a. those of us who were actually teenagers in the 90's) will head to a pub for some very adult beverages.

Hope to see you all there!

Your venerable leaders: Michelle, Ben, Eric, Maddy, Brad.

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