Friday, October 15, 2010

** Z O M B I E ** ManHunt!!! Sun Oct 24 @ 3:00pm

Hey crew... it's that time of year again. Last October's zombie game was an absolute riot, so let's bust out the fake blood and tattered shirts and give it another go! Sunday, 24 October, 3:00pm.


I'll say that again, just in case you didn't hear me the first time. EVERYONE ATTENDING THIS GAME MUST BRING THEIR OWN TUBE OF WASHABLE FAKE BLOOD!!! Check out Value Village, dollar stores, costume shops... they'll probably have water-based fake blood that won't stain your clothing. I've used it before on denim jeans, polyester and cotton, and I can guarantee it'll be safe to use on any of those. A tube will probably cost about $2-$3.

The game will work like this: as usual, we start with our rock-paper-scissors round to determine who will be IT. If you're chosen as IT, you must "zombify" yourself by smearing fake blood all over your face, clothes, etc. In order to tag another player, as always, you must physically tag them... and once tagged, that person will also smear their own fake blood on themselves so that they'll be marked as a zombie too. When tagged, feel free to tear your clothes to shreds, rip your jeans, etc., if you wanna go for a more intense zombie look.

Please DO NOT smear blood on or tear or otherwise ruin other people's clothing -- just your own. Also, if you wanna get *really* bloody, go ahead and bring as many tubes of fake blood as you like. Finally, although it isn't 100% mandatory, we'd ask that you please wear AT LEAST one item of clothing that the red blood will show up against -- wearing all black probably isn't a great idea.

We'll be meeting by the fountain in Centennial Square (off the NE corner of Government & Pandora -- see map link below). Be there at 3pm sharp to hear the rules and grab your armbands. Game 1 will start at 3:15pm, game 2 at 4pm. Drinks afterwards at any nearby pub that'll serve the undead.

Game map (MHV 01)

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See you there kids,

PS - Zombie ManHunt is SO much damn fun that we'd love to do another game next spring or summer. Plan ahead and stockpile a few extra tubes of fake blood over the winter -- they can be hard to come by after Hallowe'en, so get 'em now while they're cheap and in abundance.

PPS - Photographers? Rob King and Aaron Licht got some AMAZING shots of last year's game, and we'd love it if some of you shutterbugs would volunteer to come out to document the insanity. Thanks in advance!


sealove said...

Hey, It's Carol-Lynne. I will try to come out to photograph! Sounds AWESOME.

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