Thursday, August 19, 2010

Grumpy Old ManHunt...

NEXT GAME: Wed Aug 25th @ 7pm
LOCATION: Bastion Square (outside Garrick's Head Pub)

ManHunt time again! It's gonna be great!!! Or at least pretty good. Hopefully not too bad. Probably terrible...

Wed Aug 25th -- meet us outside Garrick's Head Pub, in the heart of Bastion Square (just off the intersection of Government & View). Be there at 7pm SHARP to hear the rules & grab your armbands. Game 1 kicks off promptly at 7:15pm, game 2 at 8pm. Drinks will follow, as always.

Here's the map link indicating the meeting point and boundaries (MHV 08).

And, for you Facebookers... here is your event link.

Questions, comments, t-shirt requests, love letters, hate mail... send 'em all to: [ manhuntvictoria at gmail dot com ]

See you there kids!

: Youknowwho

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