Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ManHunt 77

NEXT GAME: Wed Aug 4th @ 7pm
LOCATION: Library courtyard (off Broughton or Blanshard)

Remember '77? Of course not -- you were born a decade (or more) later. But those of us that were there remember it as an exciting time; Trudeau & Carter were in office... Apple Computers were in their infancy... Toronto & Seattle teams debuted in major league baseball... "Roots" was on TV... Zeppelin & the Sex Pistols were on the radio... "Star Wars" & "Rocky" were at the cinema... and Elvis Presley met his untimely demise after one too many valium/demerol/morphine cocktails.

Oh... and *I* was born. Awesome-sauce!

In honour of this momentous year, ManHunt Victoria will be hosting its 77th game at the Greater Victoria Public Library on Wed August 4th. Meet us in the library courtyard (off Broughton or Blanshard) at 7pm sharp. As usual, we ask that you PLEASE show up on time so that we can explain the rules to any newcomers. Wear decent running shoes and be ready to use them.

Drinks to follow, probably at Smiths.

Click this map link to review the game area and meeting spot. (Refer for MHV 05 for this game)

Questions, comments, t-shirt requests? Send 'em our way:
[ manhuntvictoria at gmail dot com ]

See you there, kids. Spread the word, bring your friends. Cheers!
- Benjamin (and Eric & Maddy)


Anonymous said...

Is this a kid friendly event? I've been wanting to come for months but you never have it on a day I'm kid free. Kids are 9 and 6.

----------------------- said...

Hi there -- yes, ManHunt is 100% kid friendly, but please understand that there ARE certain dangers involved, depending on the risks one is willing to take -- people frequently stumble during a chase and end up with a few scrapes and bruises. More serious injuries have included twisted ankles and muscle pulls. The greatest danger would be traffic -- we try to limit road crossings to streets that aren't too busy, but... as this game will be played downtown, vehicle traffic is a very real concern.

Most of our players fall in the 20-30 age range, but we have had kids as young as 5, and adults as old as 50. If you're in any way concerned for your children's safety during the game, you're welcome to supervise them yourself.

Hope this has been helpful!
- Benjamin