Friday, June 4, 2010

ManHunt Victoria enters the TERRIBLE TWOS!!!

Next game: Saturday June 12th @ 3pm
Location: University of Victoria (meet by fountain outside McPherson Library)

Thing 1 and Thing 2... Thing 2 and Thing 1
They play every game that is under the sun...

But why are they playing with me and with you?
'Cause today is the day that ManHunt turns TWO!

At the hour of three on the twelfth day of June
Whether sunny and warm, or a wet afternoon...

Where books and computers are sure to be found
ManHunters and rabbits will squabble for ground.

Meet by the fountain, be ready to play
Look for yellow armbands -- a dead giveaway.

Don't dilly, don't dally, don't dawdle like fools
You must come on time to learn all our rules!

Check out the map links to find just the spot
And email us with any questions you've got.

A party will follow, we hope you'll be there
(As soon as we work out the WHEN and the WHERE...)

Round up a posse, bring out your whole crew;
The game is more fun with more people, it's true.

We can't wait to see you, we can't wait 'til then!
Your fabulous hosts: Eric, Maddy and Ben(jamin)


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