Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bedside ManHunt

NEXT GAME: Wednesday May 12th, 7pm-9pm
LOCATION: Gorge Rd/Rowing Club

It's International Nurses' Day! Here at ManHunt, we always emphasize safety first, but.... accidents can and DO happen. So, if you end up in the hospital after tonight's game, please remember to be extra-nice to the lovely folks patching you up and tending to your wounds. After all... "we'd all be worse without a nurse."

We're trying another new area this time: meet at the north end of the Selkirk trestle bridge at 7pm sharp. Check out this MAP LINK to see the proposed boundaries.

Make sure you're on time so that we can review the rules for the newcomers and maybe do a walkaround of the area. Game 1 kicks off around 7:15pm, game 2 at 8pm.

Drinks afterwards at Hecklers Bar & Grill (123 Gorge Rd E, under the Ramada Inn). Be warned: they've got chocolate-covered bacon AND deep-fried Mars bars on their dessert menu. Also, bring some change if you're brave enough to challenge Benjamin to a few rounds of "Big Buck Safari"... the greatest arcade game in the history of human civilization.

Questions, comments, t-shirt requests... send 'em our way: [manhuntvictoria at gmail dot com]

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See you there, kids... rain or shine.
: Benjamin & Eric


Graham said...

What about this year International Nurses' Day?? will it be such event?? it's almost may, isn't it??? I think this will be fun joining the event...I hope I can get the information...

Alvaro said...

I missed that event. I hope you can make a review about the new rules in Bedside Manhunt. Anyway, is that a picture from kill bill volume 1?