Monday, April 12, 2010

Get your kicks at ManHunt 66!

Next game: Sunday April 18th @ 4:00pm
Location: Beacon Hill Park (cricket pitch)

Desperately in need of a good title & picture for this event, we turned to our record keepers and... lo and behold... it just so happens that this will be the 66th official game of ManHunt here in our fair city. Let's make it a good'un. (Hmmmm... I wonder what sort of theme we'll come up with for our 69th game.....?)

Sunday April 18th @ 4:00pm -- Meet at the SOUTH end of the cricket pitch in Beacon Hill Park (just off the intersection of Bridge Way & Heywood Way... check out Google Maps if you're unfamiliar with the area). New folks, PLEASE make sure you're on time so that you can hear the rules before we begin. Game 1 starts promptly at 4:15pm, game 2 at 5pm. Drinks to follow at the Beagle Pub in Cook St. Village.

T-shirts are still available -- drop us a line for details.

Questions, comments, etc... you know where to find us. But, in case you don't... it's [ manhuntvictoria at gmail dot com ].

Facebookers, click here for your event link.

Hope to see y'all out at the game, rain or shine. Bring your friends, bring your enemies!

: Benjamin & Eric

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