Monday, March 1, 2010

Culkin ManHunt (you'd run too...)



Meet in the parking lot off of Munro St. Please post if you can give a ride or if you desperately need one.


Manhunt now has four (known) hospitalizations, so we figured we'd throw caution to the wind and play at our most treacherous location. This course is covered in thick thorn bushes, steep drop-offs, loose rock, and unseen hazards, buy hey, you're not a sissy, are ya?

We'd really like to make Michelle and her Red Right Ankle our last casualty (get well soon, kiddo). In that light PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come well prepared for this game. We *highly* recommend clothing that you can get muddy and that offers protection from thorns. Good shoes are a MUST, and a decent pair of gloves would be a good idea too. That means those new heels you were dying to try out might not be kosher this time around. Capiche?

Because the area is dangerous enough when it's dry, the game will be relocated if it's raining. The backup location will be to meet in front of the cathedral on Quadra St. at Courtenay. Same time.

*** We will post here and email all the 'confirmed' and 'maybe' people the morning of the game if it's raining. If you haven't heard from us head to McCauley. IF YOU'RE UNSURE CHECK HERE.

For all our new members who joined us for the Ninja game, this event does not require you to wear black or to have a mask.

We hope to see you all there (in practical footware).

Eric & Benjamin

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