Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ManHunt - Pulp Faction!

NEXT GAME: Wed Feb 10th, 7pm-9pm
LOCATION: Victoria High School (Fernwood)

Time for another round in Fernwood. Meet on the front steps of Vic High (1260 Grant St, just off Camosun St) at 7pm sharp. Game 1 at 7:15pm, game 2 at 8pm. Drinks after? Sure, why the hell not.

Newcomers, please try to be punctual so that you can hear the rules before the game begins.

Also -- we're still collecting $10 deposits for t-shirts, which will hopefully be printed in the next month or so. Bring some cash if you want to be included in the order.

Facebookers, click here for your event link.

Questions, comments, love letters, hate mail -- send 'em all to [manhuntvictoria at gmail dot com].

Thanks kids, see you on the 10th...
- Benjamin n' Eric

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