Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Next Game: 17 Sept. 7:00PM

Hey Folks,

Sorry for the late posting. I hope you can still all make it. Please meet at the Bell Tower outside the BC Museum (at Government and Belleville) at 7:00 on Thursday, 17 Sept. This is an old favourite site for us and has lots of ups and downs and places to sneak.

Bring a friend! Heck, bring two!


JP said...

So manhunt was the game. How was the event? Who won? I missed this. The event took place 2 years ago. This must have been exciting and fun. Are there any game yet? I would love to watch. I will look forward for any of your blog updates. Cheers!

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Artificial Lawn said...

How exactly is it played? Sounds like a very exciting and fun game. I'm really curious. Any photos? I would be delighted to see them. :)