Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ManHunt 25: "Against the wind..."

NEXT GAME: Sunday, February 1st @ 3:00pm

Thanks to Bob Seger for inspiring the tagline for this week's game.

Ok... the next ManHunt will take place in/around Market Square on Sunday, February 1st. The boundaries for the game will be decided upon depending on the number of players that show up -- if we get enough people, we may try to extend the area all the way to Bastion Square. Fingers crossed for another record-breaking turnout!

Meet us on the little grassy patch outside Cafe Mexico... on Store/Wharf St. between Pandora and Johnson... look for the bench with the statue of the old dude in the suit and glasses. Newcomers, just look for a bunch of sketchy looking people with yellow armbands on. Be there at 3pm for rules and armbands -- game 1 will begin at 3:15pm SHARP, game 2 probably around 4pm. Drinks afterwards, somewhere, probably.

Any questions or concerns, feel free to drop us a line at Hope to see you out there -- bring your friends, relatives, co-workers, random strangers! The more the merrier.

And remember to keep those submissions coming for our "DIY ManHunt" contest! (See our Facebook group page for further details) Good luck!



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